The Cobbler - Gent

Blanche De Bruges Brugs Tarwebier hoptail cocktail The Cobbler


  • 2 cl Zwarte man malt gin
  • 4,5 cl strawberry-mango cordial*
  • 10 g black tea
  • 100 g sugar
  • 20 g ginger
  • 10 cl Blanche de Bruges


  • Mint leaves
  • Poached mango
  • Black sesame seeds
  • Orange slice


  1. Prepare your garnish: cut the mangoes. Make a cup of black tea with 50 cl
    water. Add ginger and infuse for 5 minutes. Strain the tea, add sugar and start
    to boil. Add the pieces of mango and leave to simmer for 12 minutes.
    Put everything in a pot and place it in the fridge to cool.
  2. Pour 10 cl of Blanche de Bruges into a cocktail glass and add 4,5 cl
    of your strawberry-mango cordial*.
  3. Pour 2 cl malt gin into the glass.
  4. Fill the glass with crushed ice and stir.
  5. Garnish with a piece of poached mango topped with sesame seeds,
    a slice of orange and some mint leaves.

*Extra: Strawberry-mango cordial

  1. Mash 300 g strawberries and 600 g mango.
  2. Add 600 g sugar and 30 cl lemon juice.
  3. Stir everything in a pot on low heat until dissolved. Don’t let the syrup boil.
  4. Let the syrup cool down for a while.
Blanche de Bruges Brugs Tarwebier hoptail The cobbler