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Blanche De Bruges is a traditional beer with a refreshing twist. Brewed with 100% Belgian hops and raw unmalted wheat. 

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The Story 

The Vanneste family has been brewing wheat beer in Bruges for five generations now. Today, Xavier Vanneste is the last brewer in the family to continue this centuries-old tradition. 

Blanche De Bruges has two names and is also known as ‘Brugs Tarwebier'. The beer is still brewed according to the original family recipe. It distinguishes itself from other wheat beers by the use of raw unmalted wheat and 100% Belgian hops.  

It is a traditional wheat beer with a refreshing twist. So enjoy this thirst quencher to the fullest or use it in your next beer cocktail! The choice is yours. 

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Our brewery

At Brouwerij De Halve Maan beer has been brewed non-stop for five centuries. Since 1856 the brewery has been led by the brewers’ families Maes-Vanneste, who have been passing on the craftmanship for generations. With this century old tradition De Halve Maan brews the refreshing ‘Blanche de Bruges’ according to the unique family recipe.  

Over the years the brewery has become a tourism hotspot. Every year, thousands of beer lovers visit the brewery in the heart of Bruges, where they can discover the secrets of hops and malt.  

About our brewery

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