The story

The Vanneste family has been brewing wheat beer in Bruges for 5 generations. Discover the story behind one of the most authentic Belgian wheat beers.

Blanche De Bruges Brugs Tarwebier fles halslabel wapenschild Vanneste

The origin

The story of our Blanche De Bruges starts in 1983. Paul Vanneste brewed the refreshing wheat beer for the first time, according to the Vanneste family tradition. At that time, there weren’t that many wheat beers on the market. 

The beer gained popularity and soon it was distributed all over the country. At some point, it was the second most popular wheat beer in Belgium. We can therefore say that Paul Vanneste helped with the revival of wheat beer in Belgium. 

Today Xavier Vanneste, Paul’s nephew, continues the story of Blanche De Bruges. The original family recipe is still being used. We brew with 100% Belgian Magnum hop, raw unmalted wheat and the original yeast strain. 


Blanche De Bruges Brugs Tarwebier koets markt Brugge

The beer

Blanche de Bruges has a double name and is also known as ‘Brugs Tarwebier’. The beer is still brewed according to the original family recipe. The coat of arms of the Vanneste family still proudly features on the Blanche de Bruges bottle, keeping the century old family tradition alive. 

It stands out from other wheat beers by using raw, un-malted wheat and 100% Belgian Magnum hop. This adds an extra fresh taste and a subtle bitterness to the beer. The fermentation in the bottle provides an extra full flavour and a pleasant titillation. 

Blanche De Bruges Brugs Tarwebier fles tafel


Blanche De Bruges is a traditional wheat beer with a refreshing twist. Its extra fresh taste makes it an ideal summer beer. It's very accessible and sooner or later it will know how to charm everyone. 

Blanche de Bruges has a rich aroma in which you can discover hints of coriander seed and orange peel. The taste is refreshing and finishes with a spicy aftertaste. With 5% it is a low alcohol beer, which makes Blanche de Bruges the perfect thirst quencher. 

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Hoptail party

Beer and cocktail? An emerging phenomenon which appears more and more on cocktail menus. Not so odd, given the possibilities are endless. We went looking for unique cocktail recipes and developed some unique wheat beer cocktails. We found the perfect balance between our fresh and characterful wheat beer and cocktails. Get ready to discover the wondrous world of beer cocktails (or hoptails)!   

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