Cocktailbar Groot Vlaenderen - Brugge

Blanche De Bruges Brugs Tarwebier hoptail cocktail Groot Vlaenderen


  • 3 cl gin
  • 3cl lemon juice
  • 2 cl strawberry syrup*
  • 10 cl Blanche de Bruges


  • Lemon zest
  • Strawberry


  1. Fill your glass with ice cubes and pour 10 cl of Blanche de Bruges.
  2. Shake 3 cl gin, 3 cl lemon juice and 2 cl strawberry syrup* for 10 seconds.
  3. Strain into your glass with ice cubes and beer. Stir gently.
  4. Garnish with some lemon zest and a strawberry.

*Extra: Strawberry syrup

  1. Combine 250 g strawberries with 250 g cane sugar in a blender.
  2. Blend until the mixture is smooth and the sugar has completely dissolved.
  3. Bottle the syrup in a glass bottle. The syrup will be preservable for 1 week.